E.O. Hoppé, ''The Master'' of Photography (1878-1972)

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Hoppé Great Britain

All Photographs © The E.O. Hoppé Estate|Curatorial Assistance, Inc.           

''There was such a large amount of material in England, Scotland and Wales, especially since I did not confine myself to sunshine scenes, for I found the character of the British Isles so definitely linked up with their erratic climate that it was necessary to record all the moods if a true canvas was to be painted. However, I eventually arrived in Ireland, and felt, in Eire particularly, that I had come to one of 'many strange places' ''. -E.O. Hoppé. Hundred Thousand Exposures.

''Mr. Hoppé has seized the period before the change which is coming; and which some dread and others desire . He has not been compelled to go to specially preserved beauty spots, or to special buildings embedded in the hectic and feverish disease of twentieth century development. He has wondered through these islands; selecting indeed many historic places familiar through the world , but also landscapes and seascapes and old houses and churches of which he could have found many similar examples. Here is the England and to more limited extent the Wales, Scotland and Ireland, which our ancestors have seen and rejoiced in for so many passing generations''. -Charles F. Masterman. Picturesque Great Britain.

St. Pauls Cathedral from Ludgate Hill, London ,1925.
Oxford, view from New College 1925.
Richmond, Yorkshire, 1925.
Forth Bridge, Edinburgh, 1926.
Aberdeen, Scotland, 1925.
Cork, Memorial Church, Ireland, 1925.
Limerick Cathedral, Ireland, 1925.
Wells Cathedral, Somerset, 1925.
Arundel Castle, Sussex, 1925
Castlecombe, Wiltshire 1925.
Royal Crescent, Bath 1925.
The canal, Manchester, Lancs. 1925.
Northumberland, Newcastle, 1925.
Northumberland, Newcastle 1925.
Camell Laird's Yards, The Midlands, c.1926.
Derby Street, Buxton, Derbyshire 1925.
Windmill Near Wroxham, Norfolk 1925.
Grand Canal Near Glondalkin, Ireland 1926.
Stonehenge, Wiltshire, 1925.
Parked Car Overlooking Derwentwater, Cumberland, 1925.
Whithe Cottage, Conway, Wales, 1925.
Druid Circle, Aberystwyth, Wales,1925.
Llandudno bathing huts, Wales, 1925.
Ilfracombe Harbour, Devon, 1925.
King's Lynn Harbour, 1925.
Land's End, Cornwall, 1925.
Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire 1925.
Old Thatcher Man, Sussex, England, 1925.
Men Drinking in Pub, England. Jolly Sailor's Inn Cornwall 1932..
Chimney Sweep, Sussex, England, 1932.
Fishermen Inspecting Lobster Pots, Cornwall,1936.
Shrimper at Work, Buckhampton England, 1936.

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