E.O. Hoppé, ''The Master'' of Photography (1878-1972)

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Acknowledgement & Contact

Disclaimer: Although eohoppe.co.uk is an authorised U.K. website,
  it is not the Official website, which can be found here:


Special thanks to Curatorial Assistance Inc., Pasadena, California, custodians of
The E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection, for their permission and assistance in the support of this website. 

Also thanks to Juliet Jay, Tom Kinter, Mick Gidley.

The title of this website is taken from a quote by Cecil Beaton who refers to E.O. Hoppé
as ''The Master'' in his introduction to Hoppé's autobiography "One Hundred Thousand Exposures: The Success of a Photographer" (London/New York: Focal Press, 1945).

Note from the Webmaster
'This website has been designed as a snapshot into the life and work of the man behind the camera lens, E.O. Hoppé'.

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